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Each industry has unique needs and challenges when it comes to property and casualty insurance.


InSource Partners is dedicated to developing a thorough understanding of your operations and your specific needs. Our assessment process is unique to each client and focuses on cost-of-risk drivers specific to your business.


At InSource Partners, we focus more on building a solution than on selling a product. We get closer to our clients to understand exactly the type of coverage needed to keep costs down while furnishing maximum protection to safeguard against negative events that could be catastrophic to your business.


Exposures to loss, and risks can vary drastically from one industry to another, and  from one business to another. Some companies try to strengthen risk management programs while squeezing out costs. Others struggle to stay ahead of litigation and regulatory trends in evaluating risk and claims management issues. However, the likelihood is that both are looking for a risk management advocate who will turn over every stone to find solutions to their unique challenges.

We take the time to understand your business, and keep up with YOUR needs.

The quality and diversity of our experience allows us to tackle Property/Casualty coverage issues with the ability to view a scenario from multiple perspectives.


Take The First Step


Contact Us for a complimentary review of your insurance program, and see how you can take the first step to cost-of-risk reduction. 






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